"Eire Nua: A New Beginning" Book Launch

The National Irish Freedom Committee (NIFC) is proud to announce the launch of a new book titled "Eire Nua: A New Beginning" that offers a new perspective that represents the  NIFC's input to the original Eire Nua document authored by Ruari O'Bradaigh and Daithi O'Connell in the 1960s.

For those not familiar with Eire Nua the following abstract may be helpful in understanding its intent.

The concept on which Eire Nua is based is that of a unitary federation of the four historic provinces of Ireland that would include all of Ireland's 32 counties under the coordination of a national parliament. This construct would foster a true democracy and eliminate the causes for conflict, such as Ireland has experienced for the past eight hundred years. The Eire Nua constitution with its Charter of Rights would guarantee all of Ireland's people true freedom, a home for its children, and a new beginning.

The aforementioned authors acknowledged and understood that the construct of the final Eire Nua document would include input from various stakeholders including the people of all traditions and geographical identities in Ireland. In their wisdom they did not exclude input from the Irish Diaspora who have over the centuries remained engaged in Irelandís struggle for liberty and justice and for the survival and preservation of its unique cultural identity.

In the context of that understanding the NIFC retained the services of Dominick Bruno to produce and publish a book that would include a detailed description of how Eire Nua would be construed and implemented from an Irish-American perspective. 

In addition to the above requirement the book includes an historic account of the origins of Eire Nua, essays describing the merits of Eire Nua's founding principles, relevant historic Irish documents, an Eire Nua position paper, a bibliography, and a detailed account of the Eire Nua Campaign here in America since the 1960's.

The NIFC acknowledges the contributions of Tomas agus Miceal ” Coisdealba whose Eire Nua letters published in the 1990ís constituted the basis for the book. 

The NIFC  also acknowledged the contribution of Dominick Bruno who produced and edited the book and Mathew Costello who co-edited the book.


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