September 24, 2014 New Haven, CT:  The Éire Nua Committee formally launched its U.S. political campaign on November 2nd 2013 at Cumann na Saoirse Náisiúnta, The National Irish Freedom Committee’s annual Michael & Pearl Flannery Testimonial Awards Dinner at Rory Dolans Restaurant in Yonkers New York.

In September 2013 Seosamh Ó Flatharta, Éire Nua U.S. Committee Co-Chairman, Éire Nua Activist, and State of CT Freedom for All Ireland Chairman for the Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Peadar Mac Maghnuis, Éire Nua U.S. Committee Co-Chairman, Éire Nua Activist, and Freedom for All Ireland Committee Chair of Father McKeon Division 7 of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, announced the history-making decision by the New Haven AOH Division, to fully back the Éire Nua Program in the United States.

In April 2014 Peadar MacMaghnuis, Eire Nua Co-Chair was guest speaker on the Irish American radio show in New Haven, WNHU. He was interviewed regarding the Éire Nua program as an alternative to the Good Friday

Agreement.Additional support for the Éire Nua Progam was also passed on by the Freedom for All Ireland Committee of the Rochester, NY AOH, under the activism and leadership by Freedom for All Ireland Chairman, Patrick Miller, in April 2014.

In May, 2014 the Éire Nua Co-Chairs presented an extensive power point and discussion with the New Haven County AOH Board with the intent to gain New Haven County AOH support for the Éire Nua Program. At the County Board’s quarterly meeting Eire Nua was on the published agenda.  On September 21st, 2014 the New Haven County AOH Board, supporting re-unification, sovereignty, freedom, and a Gaelic Ireland, voted in support of the Éire Nua Program.

As the Éire Nua US Campaign shares the re-unification solution perspective with the Ancient Order of Hibernians it has also met with Connecticut State Senator Martin Looney, Democratic State Chair.  The Éire Nua Program was discussed with Senator Martin Looney and will be re-visited again in January 2015.  The objective was made clear to Senator Looney that Éire Nua U.S. is looking for a voice regarding Irish-American policy at the Irish American Oversight Committee in Washington as Ireland moves to recognize the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Speakers are available for any interested groups or organizations.  Sustainment donations would be tremendously helpful and can be sentto Éire Nua Committee, PO Box 207274, New Haven, CT 06511.


On Sept. 21, 2014 the New Haven County AOH Board voted 'Yes' to endorse Eira Nua as a viable option for Re-Unification of Ireland!  Assembled on the Waterbury AOH Stage are, LEFT -To- RiGHT:  - New  Haven County Board Officers: Recording Secretary (and Former NH County AOH President) Tom McDonough, President Dave Fitzgerald, Treasurer Scott McNulty, CT FFAI and Waterbury AOH FFAI Chairman and Eire Nua  US Campaign Co-Chair Seosamh O’Flatharty , Vice President Bob Keogh, New Haven AOH FFAI Chair and Éire Nua US Campaign Co-Chair Peadar MacMaghnuis, and New Haven AOH Division Vice President Steve Kisten. [Not pictured is NH County AOH Financial Secretary Rob Griffin.] 


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