New Haven CT.

Sunday last, 13th April, the popular New Haven Radio show, Echoes of Erin, 88.7FM, broadcasting from the station at University of New Haven, welcomed Eire Nua member and activist, Peadar Mac Maghnuis, to its show.

 Peadar was graciously welcomed and interviewed by radio host Pat Hosey, who has a distinguished career not only in the radio broadcasting industry but is a very active volunteer for many Irish and community causes. 

Before introducing Peadar, Pat mentioned the political visits in Great Britain this past week but reminded listeners that there still remains the outstanding issue about the constitutional position of the North of Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement may not be the only viable option.   He announced that “voices are emerging with alternatives to the Good Friday Agreement.  One such alternative was the Eire Nua Program.  Peadar was here to share the viewpoints of the Eire Nua campaign in the USA.” 

While contributing personal anecdotal stories about his personal run-ups with the British fear-mongering tactics by representatives of the former RUC, MI6 and US State Department, Peadar was able to explain the origins of Eire Nua from its authorship in 1971 forward.  Peadar compared the historical parallels of Holy Week for Christians and the week before Easter for the patriots of the Easter Rising in 1916.  April is a historical, meaningful month for Irish and Irish American patriots.  As a culture of commemoration there will be many 1916 commemorations held around the United States in the coming weeks. But, it is Peadar’s opinion that the Proclamation of 1916 is unfinished business.  According to Mac Maghnuis, we do not have a united, free, sovereign Ireland.  Britain still governs the six counties and highly influences the politics and economy of the 26 counties.  He reminded the radio audience how precious our freedom of speech is because speaking contrary about the politics or government in either Irish statelet will mark you as a dissident, subversive or terrorist.  That is one of the compelling reasons Peadar is encouraging the Irish in America and Irish Americans to share their voices, begin talking about the alternative to the Good Friday Agreement, get involved with the Eire Nua USA Campaign 2014.  He stressed the importance of sharing our Irish American patriot voices for a united Ireland.   

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