Eire Nua US 2014 Summary of Activities

2014 has been highlighted with tremendous progress in our grassroots campaign: the eirenua.net website is up and running; and we can be found on facebook and LinkedIn. Convincing powerpoint presentations have also been created.

Our trifold and business cards with the branding of the fragmented tricolor flag have been published along with CD’s of speeches by Rauiri and Daithi. A significant Letter of appeal has been completed for distributio.

In January, Bloody Sunday commemoration was held in Waterbury CT.

In March, we held a day long retreat to build concensus on strategy and develop a business plan.

In mid March NIFC and Eire Nua US Committee participated in the Greater New Haven St Patrick’s day parade, publically announcing the Eire Nua US campaign.

In April we interviewed on the Irish American radio show in New Haven, WNHU, regarding the Éire Nua program as an alternative to the Good Friday Agreement.

Additional support for the Éire Nua Progam was also passed on by the Freedom for All Ireland Committee of the Rochester, NY AOH, under the activism and leadership by Freedom for All Ireland Chairman, Patrick Miller, in April 2014. We went to Rochester to support their proposals and to informally speak with members of their AOH.

In April, too, both co-Chairs separately addressed 1916 commemorations in Waterbury and New Haven CT and in May at the annual Hunger Strikers commemoration at Bobby Sands Circle in Hartford the group was addressed by your representatives.

In May, 2014 also the Éire Nua Co-Chairs presented an extensive power point and discussion with the New Haven County AOH Board with the intent to gain New Haven County AOH support for the Éire Nua Program. At the County Board’s quarterly meeting Eire Nua was on the published agenda.  On September 21st, 2014 the New Haven County AOH Board, supporting re-unification, sovereignty, freedom, and a Gaelic Ireland, voted in support of the Éire Nua Program. 

As the Éire Nua US Campaign shares the re-unification solution perspective with the Ancient Order of Hibernians it has also met with Connecticut State Senator Martin Looney, Democratic State Chair, now President of the CT Senate.  The Éire Nua Program was discussed with Senator Martin Looney and will be re-visited again in January 2015.  The objective was made clear to Senator Looney that Éire Nua U.S. is looking for a voice regarding Irish-American policy at the Irish American Oversight Committee in Washington as Ireland moves to recognize the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.  He was invited here tonight also.

Other discussions and talking points were sent to former Congressman Bruce Morrison, now a heavy duty lobbyist in Washington

In October, although the Monsignor Slocum Division of Waterbury AOH is a provo influenced group, your Co-Chairs did get clear endorsement from them for Eire Nua at their regular meeting in October.

We participated in the International Prisoner of War commemoration by demonstrating in front of the British Consulate in NYC with NIFC at the end of October.

In November, Meriden Division 1 AOH also overwhelmingly voted to endorse Eire Nua. We received a request from the NYS AOH Board to make a presentation but it has been put off until 2015. In 2015 we will be presenting at the Ct AOH State Convention in Meriden in June.

We’ve been published with positive press coverage in the Irish Echo, Saoirse and Hibernian Digest.

As your Éire Nua national leaders our national goal is to appeal to the appropriate US Congressional Oversight Committee to hear our Irish voices in all matters pertaining to American policy on Ireland.  In addition, we will weigh in and challenge the foreign meddling in Irish American organizations by the Dublin and British governments, intent on keeping the Irish nation and its exciting global potential, divided, for the benefit of the ruling elites. Seosamh and I are available to speak to any interested group or organization. 

One final comment:

To all Irish Patriots (new arrivals, guests, 1st generation, 2nd or 3rd),

We are no longer strangers or sojourners but we are fellow citizens with our countrymen.

By the power of Éire Nua we are brought into the household of one nation.

Do not tire for unfinished business; we will not be discouraged nor shall we concede, as others have in the past.  Let the truth be called subversive but it shall prevail. The truth is unquestionable except for the British and to those they have bought and sold.

Éire Nua is THE alternative, as defined in the Proclamation of 1916, that will make our nation a constitutional republic and whole once again.

We want Washington to include Éire Nua in every discussion on Ireland. Our united voices will drive forward!

Seosamh O’Flatharta & Peadar Mac Maghnuis, your Éire Nua US Committee www.eirenua.net 

And of course, CONGRATULATIONS to our friend, LITA CAMPBELL, for her definitive book : Cumann na mBan: 100 Years Defending the Republic



An Phoblact Abu.


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