Introduction to the Eire Nua Awareness Campaign


Eire Nua (New Ireland) is a comprehensive Irish authored political program designed to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ireland in the context of a British withdrawal. Initially proposed by Sinn Fein in 1972, Eire Nua sets forth specific proposals to start the process of Irish reunification and reconciliation. It also includes proposals for a new all-Ireland constitution. The principle on which Eire Nua is based envisions a system of government in which all creeds and traditions would be represented and all citizens could exercise real power, without any one group infringing on the right of others.


To increase awareness in the U.S. of the Irish authored Eire Nua political program and the proposals contained therein to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ireland in the context of a British withdrawal from the occupied six counties

To engage political leaders, the media and the American public in bringing pressure to bear on the U.S. government to reverse its selective visa denial policy directed at Eire Nua proponents.

Associated Activities

Prepare information packages for general distribution containing information relevant to the campaign.

Conduct Eire Nua related seminars and presentations at colleges, other institutions, and private parties.

Petition government bodies, institutions and organizations to pass resolutions supporting Eire Nua as a viable alternative to the Good Friday Agreement

Lobby legislators to initiate hearings on government's policy that denies entry visas to Eire Nua proponents.

Conduct a letter-writing campaign targeting newspapers and politicians and other interested parties regarding Eire Nua and competing proposals and the denial of visas to Eire Nua proponents

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