What Eire Nua Proposes


Éire Nua (New Ireland)

Éire Nua (New Ireland) is a comprehensive Irish authored political program designed to achieve a just and lasting peace in Ireland in the context of British withdrawal.  Initially proposed by Sinn Féin in 1971, Éire Nua sets forth specific proposals to start the process of Irish reunification and reconciliation.

It also includes proposals for a new all-Ireland constitution.  The principle on which Éire Nua is based envisions a system of government in which all creeds and traditions would be represented and all citizens could exercise real power, within a four province federal Ireland

Éire Nua is not to be imposed; rather, it is proposed. It is non-sectarian and inclusive

Saol Nua – A New Way of Life

New structures in a free Ireland would not of themselves bring about a just social and economic order, but they would make it possible to introduce progressive policies which would lead to the social, cultural and economic emancipation of all the Irish people


What Eire Nua Replaces
Partition:  The Open Wound
The 1920 British division of Ireland perpetuates violence, abuse, and poverty .  

The Irish Republic was proclaimed in arms on Easter Monday 1916, it was endorsed in the 1918 British general election and ratified by the First All Ireland Dáil in 1919. Then the Irish people fought the British Empire to a standstill to preserve their Republic

In response, Ireland was  partitioned by the British Government of Ireland Act of 1920, an act for which no Irishman, “green” or “orange,” voted.  This abominable Partition of Ireland is an ongoing open wound on the national psyche and on the economy.

The Good Friday Agreement

On the 22nd of May 1998, the people of Ireland voted to “Give Peace a Chance”.

Sadly, the so-called “Good Friday Agreement” (GFA) contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction, in that it does not address the root causes of the conflict: Partition, consequent to the connection with England.

Instead, it copper-fastens both Partition and the administration of part of the country by the paid servants of an alien power.

Any proposal that does not include the re-unification of Ireland is doomed to failure.

The key is to not wait until violence flares again, but to act preemptively.

“The Belfast Agreement enshrined a dysfunctional society’s sectarian divisions into governmental institutions. Instead (of developing some basis of trust in each other), however, the opposite happened as suspicions grew and festered in the years after 1998.”

 Stephen Collins quoted in Irish Times, 1/30/2013

Emigrant's Rights Abuses

Today's Irish victims are denied the right to participate in elections at home. In contrast, over 115 of the 196 nations in the world have enfranchised their citizens living abroad.”
Senator Mark Daly,  1/14/ 2013

The (NIFC)   opposes the use of emigrants' status (or lack thereof) as a tool to control and monitor their freedoms of belief and expression. 

Similarly, we support amnesty and expedited citizenship for those undocumented immigrants already here

Human Rights Abuses

A storm of controversy has been gathering over politically motivated rights abuses in Ireland. In an eerie flashback to internment without charge or trial, this scheme provides only conditional freedom that can be revoked without reason at any time.

Many view these “license revocations” as punitive punishment and outright hostage taking on the part of the British administrators in the six counties. This is of growing concern to the Irish-American community. 

Cultural Genocide

The Gaelic culture, literature, music, history and traditions – some millennia old - kept alive by generations of bards and filí, singers and musicians, poets and historians, remain part of the national consciousness, in spite of having been proscribed as part of the cultural genocide which was the policy of a foreign, occupying power. 

Over the centuries the English occupier viewed An Gaeilge as a unifying factor that a vehicle for the national consciousness, which gave the Irish a reason and the courage to continue to resist the racist humiliations imposed by colonial rule.The attacks on all aspects of Irish language, culture and tradition, including on places like Tara and 6 Moore Street, on the Gaelic games, etc. must be diligently resisted on all fronts

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